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SEC Filings

IKANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 08/10/2018
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FOR THE YEARS ENDED MARCH 31, 2016, 2017 AND 2018

(In thousands of US dollars, except share and per share data, or otherwise noted)


1.                                      ORGANIZATION AND PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES - continued


Agreements that provide the Company effective control over the VIE entities - continued


(2)                                 Exclusive Equity Option Agreement: Beijing iKang, Zhejiang iKang and Yuanhua WFOE have the exclusive right to purchase the equity interests of the VIE entities from the registered legal equity owners at the lowest consideration allowed by PRC regulations as far as PRC regulations permit a transfer of legal ownership to foreign ownership. The term of the exclusive purchase right agreement is ten years and will be renewed on the expiration date by WFOEs and can be terminated at the discretion of the WFOEs.


(3)                                 Spousal Consent Under the Spousal Consent letters: The spouse of each married registered shareholder of iKang Holding has signed a spousal consent letter, whereby the spouse agrees that (i) the equity interests of iKang Holding owned by such shareholder will be disposed of only in accordance with the applicable Exclusive Equity Option Agreement, Equity Interest Pledge Agreement, and other related agreements executed by the shareholder, (ii) such equity interests do not constitute communal property with such shareholder and (iii) the spouse irrevocably and unconditionally waives all rights and benefits with respect to such equity interests, including the right to sue in any court and under all applicable laws.


Agreements that transfer economic benefits to the Company


(1)                                 Exclusive Services Agreement: Beijing iKang, Zhejiang iKang, Yuanhua WFOE and registered shareholders irrevocably agree that Beijing iKang, Zhejiang iKang and Yuanhua WFOE shall be the exclusive technology and consulting service provider to the VIE entities in return for a service fee as determined by Beijing iKang, Zhejiang iKang and Yuanhua WFOE up to the entire net profit of the VIE entities. The terms of the services agreement are ten years, respectively, and this agreement will be automatically renewed on applicable expiration dates, and the agreement can be terminated at the discretion of the WFOEs.


(2)                                 Equity Interest Pledge Agreement: Shareholders of iKang Holding, iKang Hangzhou Xixi, Beijing Jiandatong and Yuanhua Information have pledged all of their equity interests in VIE entities with Beijing iKang, Zhejiang iKang and Yuanhua WFOE, and Beijing iKang, Zhejiang iKang and Yuanhua WFOE are entitled to the rights to sell the pledged equity interests if the VIE entities or the shareholders default in their obligations. The term of the pledge agreement is as long as the service agreement; and it can be terminated when the service agreement is terminated.


Through these contractual agreements, the Company has the ability to effectively control the VIE entities and is also able to receive substantially all the economic benefits of the VIE entities.


Risk in relation to the VIE structure


The Company believes that WFOE’s contractual arrangements with the VIEs are in compliance with PRC law and are legally enforceable. The shareholders of iKang Holding are also shareholders of the Company and therefore have no current interest in seeking to act contrary to the contractual arrangements. However, uncertainties in the PRC legal system could limit the Company’s ability to enforce these contractual arrangements and if the shareholders of the VIEs were to reduce their interest in the Company, their interests may diverge from that of the Company and that may potentially increase the risk that they would seek to act contrary to the contractual terms, for example by influencing the VIEs not to pay the service fees when required to do so.


The Company’s ability to control the VIE entities also depends on the power of attorney Beijing iKang, Zhejiang iKang and Yuanhua WFOE have to vote on all matters requiring shareholder approval in the VIEs. As noted above, the Company believes this power of attorney is legally enforceable but may not be as effective as direct equity ownership.



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