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SEC Filings

IKANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 08/10/2018
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We primarily rely on equipment manufacturers or third-party service providers to maintain and repair the complex medical equipment used in our medical centers. If any of these manufacturers or third-party service providers fails to perform its contractual obligations to provide such services, or refuses to renew these service agreements on terms acceptable to us, or at all, we may not be able to find a suitable alternative service provider or establish our own maintenance and repair team in a timely manner. Similarly, any failure of or significant quality deterioration in such service providers’ services could materially and adversely affect customer experience. We also rely on both equipment manufacturers and our own internal experts to provide technical training to our staff on the proper operation of such equipment. If such medical technicians are not properly and adequately trained, or if they make errors in the operation of the complex medical equipment even if they are properly trained, they may misuse or ineffectively use the complex medical equipment in our medical centers. Such failure could result in unsatisfactory medical examination results, diagnosis, treatment outcomes, patient injury or possibly death, any of which could materially and adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.


We may be involved in legal and other disputes from time to time arising out of false positive or false negative checkup results or misdiagnosis and our reputation and results of operations may be harmed.


We may from time to time receive complaints from or be involved in disputes with our customers with regard to false positive or false negative checkup results or misdiagnosis. The occurrence of false positive or false negative checkup results or misdiagnosis is a unique risk of medical examination service industry caused by the uncertainty during the medical examination service process. In addition, with the rapid growth we have experienced in recent years, our operations are under pressure and the checkup result reports provided to our customers may not completely reflect the health condition of our customers which could be caused by various factors such as negligence of the medical personnel, failure of medical equipment, inaccurate results of medical tests conducted by outsourced laboratories, individual customer difference and disease complication. These complaint and disputes may lead to legal or other proceedings and may result in damage to our reputation, substantial costs and diversion of resources and management’s attention from our core business activities.


We depend on information technology systems to operate and manage our business. If our information technology systems fail to adequately perform these functions, or if we experience an interruption in their operation, our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects could be materially and adversely affected.


The efficient operation of our business depends on our information technology systems. We rely on our information technology systems to, among other things, schedule and manage the provision of services to our customers, effectively manage accounting and financial functions and monitor our internal cost factors. If we experience a reduction in the performance, reliability or availability of our information systems, our operations and ability to produce timely and accurate reports could be adversely impacted. Our information systems and applications require continuous maintenance, upgrading and enhancement to meet operational needs. Moreover, the proposed expansion of facilities and acquisition of new centers requires transitions to or from, and the integration of, various information systems. Upgrades, expansions of capabilities, and other potential system-wide improvements in information systems may require large capital expenditures. If we experience difficulties with the transition to or from information systems or are unable to properly implement, finance, maintain or expand our systems, we could suffer, among other things, from operational disruptions and a reduction in customer satisfaction, which could materially and adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.


The proper functioning of our website, mobile Apps and network infrastructure is essential to our business and any failure to maintain the satisfactory performance, security and integrity of our website and network infrastructure will materially and adversely affect our business, reputation, financial condition and results of operations.


The satisfactory performance, reliability and availability of our website, mobile Apps and our network infrastructure are critical to our success as well as our ability to attract and retain customers and maintain adequate customer service levels. Any system interruptions caused by our servers, telecommunications failures, computer viruses, hacking or other attempts to harm our systems may result in the unavailability or slowdown of our website, or the information systems of one of our third-party service providers, and may reduce our ability to schedule appointments and result in customers being unable to access their health records. Furthermore, users of our website and mobile Apps may experience bandwidth-related slowdowns for various reasons beyond our control. Our servers may also be vulnerable to computer viruses, physical or electronic break-ins, or other potential disruptions, which could lead to interruptions, delays, loss of data or the inability to accept and fulfill customer orders. We may also experience interruptions caused by reasons beyond our control such as power outages, or efforts to gain unauthorized access to our systems causing loss or corruption of data or malfunctions of software or hardware.



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