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IKANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 08/10/2018
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On the other hand, our costs and expenses are less affected by seasonal factors, as a significant portion of such costs and expenses are fixed, except that we typically incur less cost of medical consumables in the fourth fiscal quarter due to the smaller number of people who use our services. As a result, our profitability in the fourth quarter of a fiscal year is typically affected the most by a combination of the lowest number of customer visits and the increase in the fixed costs and expenses associated with opening new medical centers as we expand our network. In addition, our new medical centers developed through construction or acquisition generally involve a ramp-up period before they are able to reach expected sales and profit levels, thereby also affecting our overall profitability in the fourth quarter of a fiscal year. We expect such seasonal pattern of our results of operations to continue in the foreseeable future.


Utilization of Our Self-Owned Medical Centers


Utilization of our self-owned medical centers are primarily affected by the number of people we can serve on a nationwide basis, which is subject to a capacity limit depending on the space, equipment and the number of doctors and nurses at each medical center, and on the number of individuals who use our self-owned medical centers.


To ensure accuracy of testing results, certain medical examinations can only be scheduled during limited hours in the morning, and thus limiting the number of people we can serve on a daily basis. We need to manage the number of people coming for our medical examination services each day to maintain service and quality standards and to ensure a good customer experience. Our typical medical center has a capacity limit of 350 people per day depending on the space of the center, the number of medical staff including doctors and nurses and the amount of equipment, such as ultrasound and x-ray machines. The capacity of our medical centers serving our high-end customers is smaller due to the exclusive nature of the customer experience.


Cooperative Arrangements with Third-Party Service Providers


A portion of our total net revenues is derived from services performed by third-party service providers to our customers under cooperative arrangements between us and third-party service providers in cities where we do not have self-owned medical centers. In fiscal 2015, 2016 and 2017, 5.4%, 4.4% and 3.0% of our net revenues were attributable to services performed by third-party service providers, respectively.


The fees that we pay to third-party service providers are calculated based on the number of medical examinations they perform for our customers. In negotiations with third-party service providers as to the fees we pay them, we consider factors such as:


·                  the overall fees we charge to our corporate customers requiring nationwide services;


·                  the types of tests in the medical examination package; and


·                  the local market price for medical examination services.


Costs of Medical Consumables and Outsourced Services


Medical consumables, including reagents, testing instruments and other consumables used in medical tests and treatment, and costs for outsourced services, including medical tests conducted by qualified third-party laboratories and medical institutions and other services performed by third-party service providers to our customers, have been the largest component of our cost of revenues, representing 36.2%, 34.7% and 35.0% of our cost of revenues in fiscal 2015, 2016 and 2017, respectively. We have set up a centralized purchasing system in each city in which we operate our self-owned medical centers with our main suppliers of general medical consumables and in particular for reagents which are relatively expensive. Such centralized purchasing systems enable us to obtain more favorable pricing if we purchase a certain amount of medical consumables from a supplier within a given period of time.



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