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IKANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 08/10/2018
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Share reserve. The maximum aggregate number of common shares that will be issued under the Share Incentive Plans is 3,074,000.


Administration. The compensation committee, as designated by the board of directors and as described under “— Board committees — Compensation committee,” will administer the Share Incentive Plans, unless otherwise determined by the board of directors. The compensation committee will have the authority to, among other things, interpret and administer the plan, issue rules and regulations for plan administration, designate plan participants and determine the awards available to each participant and the terms and conditions of these awards. The committee may also determine whether, to what extent, under what circumstances and by what methods any awards may be settled, exercised and deferred.


Options. An option granted under the Share Incentive Plans will have specified terms set forth in an award agreement and will also be subject to the provisions of the Share Incentive Plans. The compensation committee will determine in the relevant award agreement the purchase price per share upon exercise of the option, taking into account the fair market value of the shares on the option grant date. The compensation committee will also determine in the relevant award agreement whether the option granted and vested under the award agreement will be exercisable following the recipient’s termination of services with us. If the common shares covered by an option are not exercised or purchased on the last day of the period of exercise, they will terminate. The term of an option granted under the Share Incentive Plans will not exceed 4 years from the date the option is granted. The consideration to be paid for our common shares upon exercise of an option or purchase of shares underlying the option will include cash, common shares, other securities, other awards or other property, or any combination of the foregoing methods of payment.


Restricted stock. Restricted stock issued under the Share Incentive Plans will be subject to restrictions imposed by the compensation committee, including limitations on the right to vote or receive dividends. The compensation committee may also determine that certain or all of these restrictions will lapse after a given period of time.


Restricted stock units. Restricted stock units issued under the Share Incentive Plans will represent the right to receive the value of our common shares (or a percentage of such value) at a specified date in the future, subject to the forfeiture of this right. Like restricted stock, restricted stock units are subject to certain restrictions and limitations that may be imposed by the compensation committee.


Transferability. Unless the compensation committee determines otherwise, our Share Incentive Plans will not allow for the assignment, alienation, sale or transfer of awards other than by will or the laws of descent and distribution. Only the recipient of an award may exercise the award during his or her lifetime.


Change of control. Our Share Incentive Plans will provide that in the event of a change of control event, as defined in the Share Incentive Plans, all awards shall become fully vested and exercisable, and any restrictions applicable to any awards shall automatically lapse.


Amendment and termination. Our Share Incentive Plans will automatically terminate on the tenth anniversary of the respective effective date of each plan, unless we terminate it sooner. Our board of directors will have the authority to amend, suspend or terminate the Share Incentive Plans provided such action does not impair the rights of any participant with respect to any outstanding awards. Shareholder approval will be required for a decision to amend, suspend or terminate the plan if such is required by certain tax or regulatory requirements, or if the amendment proposed would increase the total number of common shares reserved or change the maximum number of common shares.



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