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SEC Filings

IKANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 08/10/2018
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6.3          Custody Fee


6.3.1                          This Limited Partnership shall place all cash in its account under the custody of a reputed commercial bank (hereinafter referred to as the “Custodian”). All Partners, by execution of this Agreement, unanimously agree that the Custodian shall be [Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch].


6.3.2                          This Limited Partnership shall comply with the procedures set forth in the custody agreement concluded with the Custodian when any capital outlay is incurred.


6.3.3                          The Custodian shall calculate the custody fee charged to this Limited Partnership daily according to the equation below, and such custody fee shall be paid on each Distribution Date.


Custody fee paid to the Custodian = size of Paid-in Contributions of this Limited Partnership × [0.02%] × actual days of the period from the previous custody fee payment date (inclusive) or the Establishment Date of this Limited Partnership (in the case of calculation of the custody fee to be paid on the first custody fee payment date) to the custody fee payment date (exclusive) ÷ 365. In case of any change to the size of Paid-in Contributions of this Limited Partnership in this period, the custody fee will be calculated by sections according to the Paid-in Contributions of this Limited Partnership.


With respect to the custody affairs and said custody fee, the custody agreement entered into by and between this Limited Partnership and the Custodian shall prevail.


Article 7                                               Investment Businesses


7.1          Scope of Investment


7.1.1                          The scope of investment of this Limited Partnership includes equity investment in store companies, namely, investing in, operating, and managing store assets by means of establishing new store companies predominantly with contributions, increasing investment in Existing Store Companies, and transferring the equity or share in Existing Store Companies, and participating in construction of healthcare industry. Idle funds can be used for liquidity investment, namely, depositing in the bank, purchasing treasury bonds, or purchasing other low-risk and fixed-income wealth management products or similar fixed-income wealth management products whose term is not longer than 365 days. This Limited Partnership may participate in the construction of the healthcare industry by other investment means upon the consensus of the Investment Committee.


7.1.2                          The number of store companies in each batch of proposed equity investment shall not be less than five (5). The specific number shall be determined by resolutions made at meetings of Investment Committee according to the procedures agreed herein.


7.2          Investment Procedures


The procedures for equity investment in store companies by this Limited Partnership is as follows:



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