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SEC Filings

IKANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 08/10/2018
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7.6          Risk Constraint Mechanism for Managing Partners


7.6.1                          Matters relating to external equity investment and investment exit of this Limited Partnership shall be implemented by the Managing Partners upon the resolution of the Investment Committee.


Article 8                                               Partners’ Meeting and Investment Committee


8.1          Partners’ Meeting


8.1.1                          Partners’ meetings shall be convened when the General Partner or the Senior Limited Partner deem necessary or the investment decision-making committee (“Investment Committee”) proposes.


8.1.2                          Managing Partners shall be responsible for convening and chairing Partners’ meetings. If the Managing Partners are unable to or fail to perform this duty, the Senior Limited Partner shall be responsible for convening and chairing Partners’ meetings. The convener of Partners’ meeting shall notify the Partners and inform them of the time of meeting, place, and matters to be voted on [ten (10)] working days in advance by telephone, facsimile, or express mail service. Partners’ attending the meeting, however, shall be deemed their waiver of any requirement for notice period.


8.1.3                          Functions of Partners’ meeting include:


(1)            Deliberating and approving the annual report of the Managing Partners;


(2)            Amendments to this Agreement;


(3)            Approving General Partners’ assignment of their rights and interests in the Partnership;


(4)            Approving Partners’ pledge of their rights and interests in this Limited Partnership;


(5)            Deciding on subsequent fundraising for this Limited Partnership or not;


(6)            Deciding on engagement or replacement of the Custodian or not;


(7)            Giving consent to additional contributions by existing Limited Partners;


(8)            Deciding on removal or change of General Partners;


(9)            Deciding on removal of Managing Partners;


(10)     Approving admission or withdrawal of Partners;


(11)     Approving the members of the Investment Committee appointed by Partners and their change according to the agreements hereof;


(12)     Modifying the functions and working procedures of the Investment Committee;



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