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SEC Filings

IKANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 08/10/2018
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(3) When managing partners serve as liquidators of the Partnership, they may sign the documents for executing dissolution or liquidation of the Partnership.


4.9.2 In case that any change takes place in accordance with the conditions and procedures stipulated in this Agreement and change of industrial and commercial registration is required accordingly (including but not limited to, within the term of the Partnership, withdrawal or admission of the Partnership of Partners, disqualification, follow-up fund raising, transfer of property shares, inheritance, removal from the Partnership, reduction of subscribed contribution, or other matters that lead to changes in the list of Partners and the amount of the Partners’ subscribed contributions paid-in contributions), these changes will be effective for all Partners from the date of fulfillment of the conditions stipulated in this Agreement or completion of the procedures required in this Agreement. All Partners authorize managing partners to modify annexes and other terms (if any) that need to be adjusted due to amendments to the annexes in this case, and to send a change notification to all Partners. Managing partners shall complete change of industrial and commercial registration as soon as practicable and feasible and all Partners shall cooperate with managing partners to handle formalities for such change of registration. All Partners hereby irrevocably confirm that, upon occurrence of the above-mentioned circumstances, the list of Partners, the amount of contributions subscribed by Partners, the total amount of subscribed contributions, the proportion of contributions, etc. are subject to the amended annexes and other terms (if any) adjusted according to the amendments to the annexes. The processing progress of change of industrial and commercial registration shall not affect the effectiveness of the aforementioned amended annexes and other terms (if any) adjusted according to the amendments to the annexes.


Article 5 Costs of Limited Partnership


5.1 Costs of Limited Partnership


5.1.1 Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the Partnership shall bear the following costs related to the establishment, operation, termination, dissolution, liquidation etc. of the Partnership, including but not limited to:


(1) Start-up costs;


(2) Rent of office premises, property management fees, utilities, communication fees, and office facilities costs related to management of the Partnership;


(3) Audit fees for annual financial statements of the Partnership (including travel expenses for the provision of audit services);


(4) Costs of financial statements and reports of the Partnership including production, printing, and delivery costs;


(5) Meeting costs for partner meetings;


(6) The taxes, fees and other charges collected by government agencies for the Partnership, or for profits or assets of the Partnership, or for transactions or operations of the Partnership;



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