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SEC Filings

IKANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 08/10/2018
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1) Date of the meeting and name of the convener;


2) Names of the members participating in voting;


3) Meeting agenda;


4) Voting method of each resolution matter or proposal and voting results with quantity of affirmation, opposition or abstention;


5) Other matters that shall be described and recorded in meeting minutes.


Limited Partners have the right to request an inquiry into the meeting minutes of the Investment Decision-Making Committee.


(8) All Partners unanimously confirm: if iKang Group fails to comply with the Top-up Agreement it signs with the Partnership or iKang Health fails to fulfill the obligations under any of the aforesaid terms in accordance with the Long-Term Acquisition Contract it signs with the Partnership, the members of the Investment Decision-Making Committee appointed by Ligang Capital will no longer enjoy the voting right from the day when iKang Group or iKang Health breaches any obligation of any of the aforementioned agreements. Meetings of the Investment Decision-Making Committee attended by the remaining three (3) members shall be regarded as effective meetings. Meanwhile, the resolutions of the Investment Decision-Making Committee in such cases shall be deemed to be effective resolutions upon unanimous consent of the remaining three (3) members.


7.6 Post-Investment Management


7.6.1 After making the investment, the Partnership shall perform its management duties in accordance with relevant post-investment management rules of Ligang Capital (General Partner).


7.7 Related Party Transactions


7.7.1 An affiliate means, in the case of a partner, any other natural person or entity that directly or indirectly controls the partner, is controlled by the partner, or is jointly controlled by others with the partner.


7.7.2 With respect to related party transactions, the members of the Investment Decision-Making Committee appointed by the Partner involved in the transaction have the right to make presentations or express opinions at meetings of the Investment Decision-Making Committee that deliberate these related party transactions but they shall evade voting and must not act on behalf of other members to exercise voting rights. Related party transactions shall be approved by the unanimous consent of all non-associated committee members. Where Limited Partners and the Partnership jointly invest in the same project and their investment plans are different, the members of the Investment Decision-Making Committee appointed by related Partners do not need to evade voting.



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