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SEC Filings

IKANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 08/10/2018
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(12) Other important matters in this Agreement that affect the interests of Partners.


13.5 Ways of Information Disclosure


Information can be disclosed to Partners through non-public disclosure methods such as letters, faxes, e-mails, or query service provided by third-party agencies.


Article 14 Dissolution and liquidation


14.1 Dissolution


14.1.1 When one of the following situations occurs, the Partnership shall be dissolved:


(1) The expiration of the partnership term of the Partnership;


(2) Partners do not have a quorum for thirty (30) days;


(3) All managing partner are removed from the Partnership;


(4) Dissolution proposed by managing partners and passed by all Partners through voting;


(5) The business license of the Partnership is revoked;


(6) All project investments of the Partnership are withdrawn;


(7) Other dissolution reasons specified in the Partnership Law and this Agreement.


14.2 Liquidation


14.2.1 In case of occurrence of any cause that the Partnership shall be dissolved thereby, the Partnership shall conduct liquidation in accordance with this Article. After the liquidation is completed, the Partnership is officially dissolved.


14.2.2 All Partners unanimously agree that the liquidators shall be General Partners. Unless Partners who collectively hold two-thirds or more of the total paid-in contributions at that time otherwise determine persons other than General Partners to be liquidators.


14.2.3 After the liquidators are determined, all unrealized assets of the Partnership are managed by the liquidators. However, if the liquidators are not General Partners, General Partners are obliged to help the liquidators liquidate the unrealized assets. The Partnership no longer pays management fees to General Partners during the liquidation period.


14.2.4 The liquidation period shall not exceed one (1) year. Liquidators shall do their best to complete the liquidation within one (1) year. In case of special circumstances, the liquidation period may be extended by the consent of the Partners who collectively hold two-thirds or more of the total paid-in contributions.


14.3 Liquidation and Settlement Order


14.3.1 At the time of partnership liquidation of the Partnership, the property of the Partnership shall be settled and distributed in the following order:



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