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SEC Filings

IKANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 08/10/2018
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10.3 Consult Financial Accounts


10.3.1 Limited Partners shall have the right to consult or copy the accounting books of the Partnership in person or through their entrusted representatives for matters in relation to their property shares within the reasonable time limit of normal working hours, but shall submit a written notice to General Partners at least ten (10) days in advance. Limited Partners shall exercise the rights and obligations under this Article in accordance with the confidentiality procedures and regulations established or updated by the Partnership/General Partners from time to time.


Article 11 Transfer of Property Shares


11.1 Transfer of Property Shares held by Limited Partners


11.1.1 Unless otherwise agreed upon by managing partners or otherwise provided for by the Parties to this Agreement, Junior Limited Partners shall not transfer its property shares.


11.1.2 Senior Limited Partner may transfer any property share it holds in the Partnership during the term of the Partnership according to the provisions of the law and this Agreement. If the transferee meets the following conditions and requirements, Ligang Capital shall not unreasonably refuse the transfer by Senior Limited Partner:


(1) The equity transfer will not result in the Partnership’s violation of the Partnership Law or other relevant laws and regulations, or additional restrictions on business activities of the Partnership;


(2) The equity transfer will not result in a breach of this Agreement;


(3) The transferee is not a competitor of junior limited partner;


(4) The transferee has made representations and warranties under Article 9.1 to the Partnership, and has submitted to General Partners a commitment letter concerning its consent to be bound by this Agreement and to inherit corresponding obligations of the transferor;


(5) The transferee has provided other documents, certificates and information that General Partners deems appropriate;


(6) The transferee has undertaken in writing to bear all costs incurred by the Partnership and General Partners arising from the transfer.


11.1.3 During the term of the Partnership, if junior limited partner fails to fully perform the additional contribution and top-up obligation in accordance with the time, amount and receivable account and other factors set forth in the Additional Contribution Notification Letter issued by Putai Investment (the template is shown in Annex III); or junior limited partner fails to perform the AVCTC2017X0652-2 Long-Term Acquisition Contract as scheduled; or iKang Healthcare Group., Inc. (Cayman Island) as a guarantor fails to perform its guarantee obligations under the Legal Person Guarantee Contract numbered AVICTC2017X0652-4, Senior Limited Partner’s transfer of any property it holds in the Partnership is not subject to the restrictions of Article 11.1.2 of this Agreement. .



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